Introducing the Meteor

Your Voice and Gesture-Controlled Smartwatch

Talk to Your Meteor

The Kreyos Meteor is the only smartwatch to feature a waterproof microphone and speaker.

Simply pair your Meteor with any smartphone* via Bluetooth and, in seconds, you can issue commands to your phone through the Meteor.

Whether you're out for a jog and need to call your boss to give him an update on your TPS reports, or shredding trails with your mountain bike and need to take an incoming call? Talk to your Meteor.


Talk to meteor

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Cutting Edge Tech. Built to Withstand.

All the advanced technologies housed within the Metoer doesn't mean it's fragile. It's designed to be tough and to keep up with even your most extreme activities.

Love water? So does the Meteor.

We designed the Meteor to be with you on all your activities.

Take it for a swim or keep it on while you shower after working out. You can even wear it to a pool party and stay on top of calls, emails, and social media notifications without risking your phone getting wet.

Waterproof graph

The meteor appreciates your gesture

Do you feel like the song My Heart Will Go On playing through your phone just isn't doing it for you? Why don't you wave the hand you're wearing your Meteor on and skip to a better track?

Are you boxing and want to turn up the volume on Eye of the Tiger? Pump your fist, son. The Meteor will turn it up for you.

The gyrometer makes almost anything possible

The Meteor's gyrometer opens up virtually limitless possibilities for developers to create applications that would help you improve your game.

Golf, tennis, badminton and baseball swing analyzer? Possible.

An app to improve your bowling throw? Possible.

Does the gyrometer along with other sports-related features packed into our Smartwatch make it the best fitness device ever? Possibly.

Endure and outlast.

The Meteor's battery can last up to seven days in between charges. Considering all the features packed within the Meteor, this is pretty impressive if we do say so ourselves.

The Meteor's battery can also go from empty to fully-charged in just an hour. Meaning, you can use your Meteor continuously with it taking only minimal breathers.

Battery graph

Plays well with other devices.

Your Kreyos Meteor already tracks a ton of your activity – but, if you wanted to step up your game, the Kreyos Meteor allows you to track more.

You can painlessly pair your Kreyos Meteor with external heart rate monitors, bike computers, pedometers and a whole range of other devices that support ANT+ or Bluetooth.

Cutting edge.
Inside and out.

While the Kreyos Meteor comes with advanced technology, it doesn't mean it's not built to be rugged. In fact, it's designed for all imagineable conditions it will face while you wear it on your activities.

The High-contrast LCD screen provides excellent readability both indoors and outdoors under bright sunlight.

The high quality ABS plastic is both lightweight and tough and the Meteor's profile itself was designed with convenience and wearability in mind.

Your Meteor Gets You Fit and Keeps You Motivated

The built in activity tracker allows you to keep track of the number of steps you make, stairs climbed, distance traveled and calories burned while you work out or while you simply go about your day.

The Meteor also has a Sports Mode which allows you to measure relevant stats while you engage in a wide variety of sports.

It can track the number of laps you did, do split timing, and interface with ANT+ compatible sports tracking hardware.

Designed to Look Good While You're Working Out and While You're Not

Wear it however you want. Change it up to suit your style.

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